VAD is RAD: Baby girl is walking!!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Baby girl is walking!!!

My daughter is officially walking, as of April 23rd!!!! She's 13 months. I was staring to get anxious because my son was walking at 10 months. I know all babies develop differently, but still, I was anxious! Of course I will probably be eating those words now that I will literally have to CHASE her around the house ;)

I've been feeling very BLAH. I will talk more in my 12 week pregnancy vlog, but I've been getting bad round ligament pain. Which is something that I didn't really get with my other 2 pregnancies. Just goes to show how each one can truly be very different.

I am soooooo excited to find out the sex of the baby. I came across a very pretty girl name recreantly & it has stuck! We are still undecided on a boy name. They are so much harder! Suggestions?

I cleaned my beauty room this weekend. It's ALMOST done. I got rid of SO MUCH MAKEUP! My mother brought a huge box full to work with her. It's ridiculous the amount of makeup I had accumulated. I'm over the whole "I want a big makeup collection" phase. Now it just seems like a HUGE waste of money to me... for all that makeup to literally just sit there. I have definitely cut back on my makeup buying. I don't feel as bad when I get it for PR :P

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